Me love most than anyone else. . .

Me love most than anyone else. . .

 Anyone can think. . .

“Me, man me love you more than anyone.”

 Looking for such a person.

 So, although everyone is looking for,
Quite not tossed.

 Perhaps, I wonder if not?
What’s so nice people,
I’m sure I wonder if missing to me?

 I mean, people I than a nice to have a lot
Because I do not stand out, how unreasonable to.

 Involuntarily, deep sigh

 But you know,
to people who love your own
Around it does not matter.

 Someone to love you,

are looking for you only

  you are staring at you just so,

not hurry

do not worry

 People who love only your thing
Because there I’m sure.

 So with confidence,

enjoying sparkling every day

 It is important.

written by Yuki Clear

Of the beholder from the first page, P1 link

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