It remains of you, as it is

It remains of you, as it is

you’ve changed

 time we met in, it’s clumsy
Single-minded and,
you was hard
I want to involuntarily support

 Nice smile, was really attractive

 I first met the moment,
“Are Why a so positive?”

 Your answer is, “Because there is a tomorrow.”
At that time, “Oh, I do not for the Do’s this man enough”
I thought.

 From it,
you to be deprived of the eye
I realized if,
that was arm in arm with your next

 Then, the fun, a lot of things, taught

had just feel I “really Do you’re nice.”

 Someday from, word
from your heart of “spicy”
Disappears smile from your face, day-to-day single-mindedly Looking Down

  I, your nice until now, but returned hard
Your “spicy”

it still

 I just, in the remains of you,

but it was only good as it is

 As it is of
of time even now, I met
Unforgettable a nice smile

 It remains of you, as it is in the ···

written by Yuki Clear

Of the beholder from the first page, P1 link

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