I love you.

I love you.

  The end of the day today
Thanks to that safely spend

 In one day, painful thing, a sad thing, a fun thing
I laughed it a lot, but there were various,

 After all, you like most

  also that day was safely spend today
I feel like you owe it to.

  Among the one day that I have spent
snuggled your mind
When I laughed, when was delicious, when rejoiced
Most want first to tell is, always you.

 What I like best is, your smile.

 I wanted to see you, I wanted to see you,
only it only remains in the mind.

I like, I love you

 Because I like about you, always your mind
Beside me.

written by Yuki Clear

Of the beholder from the first page, P1 link

|This story is a fiction.|
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