Love for one person

Love for one person

 In the world there are people
who do not have enough ‘s

“one person of love”.

 Greedy What it?
not give us a lot of love
Opponent is bad?

 I think there are a lot, that is,
there are people who mourn.
I want to be to everyone happy,
the right to be happy there.
I think so.

 And yet, I do not receive all of
the love of the people I love.
Not so much unfortunate thing.

 No matter how Even people who are full of love,
does not mean you can love even
three people even two people.

 People who do not understand it,
misunderstand I can love a lot of people.

 Lonely? I want to love? You want to be loved?
Or the body is the purpose?

 Love is not that clever thing.

 Pure, clumsy ones.
That’s why, the person who was dearly loved,
is wrapped in a heartfelt happiness.

 I want to love one person.
Because it leads to the happiness of loved ones.

written by Yuki Clear

Of the beholder from the first page, P1 link

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