Darkness of mind

Darkness of mind

 Always scary thing the “darkness”
for human beings

 Night of darkness, heart of darkness,
soiree of darkness

 Usually, the darkness of the heart
that are hidden in the face of gentle table,
Along with the night of the book,
come to erode the face of gradually calm table

 When the lonely sit still in the night of darkness,
that imperceptibly distorted heart of darkness
has been dominated in the face

 To spend a full day, there is that difficult but
unless the daily goal to live the fullest
Imperceptibly dominate the darkness the mind

 but is not human to fall into darkness wants himself
Housebound in his shell, the only life earnestly look out
Imperceptibly left behind in the darkness

 Also distorted thinking, if it were not for someone to correct it
One person yourself, people notice is very extremely rare presence

 Heart of darkness, but there is no strength of about devil
Go that surely dropped the darkness in the mind

 The ages, the darkness for the people
It is, no doubt fear that are the subject of

written by Yuki Clear

Of the beholder from the first page, P1 link

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