Daughter's birthday. Mom, it was luck.

Daughter’s birthday. Mom, it was luck.

 Daughter’s birthday today.
Daughter even after the age of twenty,
can you celebrate a lot of friends
to your birthday.

 Small Nowadays, family daughter
also a big pleasure to celebrate
with everyone.

 That felt very happy.

 When if from time,
more and more friends to your birthday,
When the notice, became a party somewhere.

 Even though my daughter’s birthday,
not a daughter.

 Along with the daughter of the growth is nice,
a little bit of loneliness.

 But, someday daughter journey.
The whom a the preparation is going
well-equipped is, somewhere reliable.

 Finally 25-year-old is also such a daughter.
Also to build the daughter’s own home,
might soon.

 In the us to celebrate a number of friends
of the daughter, Another person of Merit,

“I was best mom”

 that children from divorced when small
Much has been working hard with a single.

 But was a poor thing to daughter,
Still it came somehow to here.

 That many of the friends of the daughter
us celebrating is,

As it is a tribute to Mom.

“I was brought up a large daughter well so far.
 Mom I great”

 As much of the “Congratulations”
and the person to mom.

written by Yuki Clear

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