Synopsis "The Story of Saki"

Synopsis “The Story of Saki”

This story

  1. studying abroad era, youth ed.
  2. pregnancy and marriage Hen
  3. Flynn and … Hen

It is a trilogy consisting.

Hero “Kuramochi Saki”
Study abroad was a dream from a small time of.

It was fulfilling to have the student life,
The same Japanese was a student “Saotome Asahi”
In love with, we started living together.

However, shortly thereafter of Asahi
From what has been pregnant with a child, give up the study abroad,
I will be returning to Japan.

Shortly after returning to Japan, “Asahi” and marriage.
Birth marriage and, almost at the same time.

For husband “Asahi with a home,
To take over the company his father owns

Saki also beside the child-rearing, help the company
It will be.

 In a strange land, for the first time of the marriage,
Childbirth, child-rearing, in salaried workers home
It can not be understood by those raised in Saki
Instability of the self-employed.

Asahi work is always busy,
Go home, you will almost midnight.

Saki was tired of raising children is too busy
Too much without any conversation with the Asahi,
Always one person, let recruited the loneliness.

Saki from the stress of such everyday life,
Heart is gradually away from the husband, “Asahi,
It will become lonely.

 Children’s football school at such time
Met, the younger the age of five than their own children
Soccer coach

 “Hot and Yutaka Terasawa ”

 As a mother, as a wife, and finally as a woman
Woman ‘s heart of Saki swaying Between.

From spicy which would in steadily drove their own
Unawares …

written by Yuki Clear

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