P1 "The Story of Saki"

Page 1 “The Story of Saki”

 Asahi of it was liked so much,
Now, long ago events.

 But are immediately adjacent to, between two people,
Separated by a transparent thin glass,
Much more away, much
Feel the loneliness.


  I alone.
From around, when the relationship is good always together,
Although jealous while is, actually heart through
It does not fit, others of red.

 No, I thought that there was through is,
From the time we met, just my misunderstanding.

 Tenderness that I feel, just a misunderstanding.

 Human beings Asahi,
Actually, cold people more than anyone else.

 That person, who also does not accept,
People who chilled from the bottom of my heart.


 Say there would be this loneliness, I did not know.

 To have two people, it does not disappear loneliness.

  Since there two people, extra lonely.

written by Yuki Clear

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