Page 2 "The Story of Saki"

Page 2 “The Story of Saki”

  I was born on July 4, 1969.
So the American Independence Day.

  My family, dad, mom,
Me and my sister, a family of four.

 Dad is an ordinary company employee, when I was little
It was not only a weekend in the bachelor from.

 Dad himself, a professional baseball player
I was wanted to be, because it was actually impossible,
Nara, the children, trying to professional baseball player!
Like I thought.

 But, unfortunately, their own children
Two girls.

 So, come back on the weekend,
Of the neighborhood,
I was doing the supervision of the boys baseball team.

 But I was a girl, and always dad
Together, because I went to the team from a small time,
As a matter of course upon entering the elementary school, the team
So it went.

 You know, the girl probably is faster growth compared to the boys?
So, a surprisingly excellent, No. 4 in the ace in the team.
In the end, I did do to captain.

 And then dad is so in chagrin Therefore,

“If you were a man, I’m so happy.”

  I, always drinking liquor, sincerely chagrined
The it was.

 I myself, but baseball did not hate,
Of course, also not mean I excellence than boys forever
It is because I knew of no baseball until elementary school,

 I had decided me.

  Instead, if I quit baseball, sister
But I thought to fall to the team in place,
Between sister baseball is not done, we are going to baseball
Always to mom and shopping.

  Really though baseball did not hate,
The mom and fun, come to a lot of shopping
Sister, was honest envied.

  Somehow from that time
If your do not respond because
the eldest daughter to a parent’s expectations!

I, I think I was thinking unconsciously.

   So, look at a fun sister and mom,
I may not ‘s baseball, you want to buy!
 It did not say so.

  Dad, what was the complaint
I do not know, every time you come home on the weekend,
Drinking liquor, they have been hit very tight to me.

  For the study among other things,
Not like it and anyway not a No. 1
Always check the test.

  Cases where it is not ‘all the questions correct answer,
until the correct answer all the questions
Earnestly it was allowed to practice the same problem.

  It is somehow not ‘s anger against me
But it’s seemed to rage against their own.

written by Yuki Clear

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