P3 "The Story of Saki"

P3  “The Story of Saki”

 Because it was such a home,
I was not a little love.

 In particular, say what you want
to say in the bohemian,
Also doing what you want to do, not angry sister,
If you look from me, there is also very envious,
At the same time, it was also
in the presence feel jealousy.

 To a just and I was always angry,
Sister, and seem to have been in the always important,
The outrageousness did not disappear.

 From it, there just always angry
For the father, it feels just stress,
Even in the weekend, if not come back intently
When the good, had always wanted.

 But, in the heart of the bottom

 Because it was strong,
It was hate in the superficial,
I think I had to not be quite distant.

 After graduating from junior high school
at the top of the results,
Also enroll in a high school principal.

 Delight of dad at this time,
Unforgettable even now.

 Dad really pleased,
Only when I heard the news
I came home early one day than usual.

 At the sight that pleased of his father,
Finally it was found in dad!
It, seemed from the bottom of my heart.

 I at that time felt the happiest.

written by Yuki Clear

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