P4 "The Story of Saki"

P4 “The Story of Saki”

 In a nutshell my personality

 Sore loser

 Anyway, I do not want to lose
I do not say that should I win in foul,
What is hate to lose

 So, studying to dad
I’m feeling that had been forcibly do,
To become number 1, it was fun.

 In the beginning it entered the junior high school
So, even if it has done in hard
Easily but No. 1 has been established,
When the high school exam is approaching,
Most have become bogged gradually.

 So, around also because it has become desperate.
Of course, when the No. 1 can not be taken
Dad also to get angry, it was really painful.

 So, school of choice of high school, to dad
Secret in dropping the rank, was the best of results.

 I mean, noisy to dad
Because was sick.
Hey, even I .

 Thanks, for a while doing nothing
It had been able to keep the first place grade.

 Dad meantime, without saying anything,
A little piece.

 But, mon’s top may not be what,
Instead of studying, I was desperately bytes.

 Since that time was a bubble,
And earn pretty well in high school
Weekend was always has been attending the club.

 Too much too play,
The time you made at the end of two years slipped to near the lowest.

 Also father when it comes to that time
If you are completely trust my thing
Because I one by one no longer check
I was good, that the barrel very lowest close
Because it was so scared,

<bad ‘m in this state! >

I think, was seriously considered.

 And then, the dream of from a young age “fluoride” and
I remembered.

<yes , let’s go to the United States! >


 Although the chance, my birthday is the United States of
Independence Day.

<it ‘s surely fate do! >

 But, from the time studying in the United States it is less
It was a dream, the inner money to study abroad
Because there was no reason there, I thought that it is impossible.
So, I had given up.

 Still, away from the father now
The, there is only the United States studying abroad for!

 I think so, considerably ahead of the clubbing
I began to accumulate America study abroad funds.

 So, a parent in the course consultation is three years
For the first time when I went,

 It was declared.

 To do this, really even mom also teacher
Surprised like a I was opposed much,
Already and we began to savings, for study abroad
Examine properly the something little things the procedure
Force was pressed all the way.

written by Yuki Clear

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