P5 "The Story of Saki"

P5 “The Story of Saki”

 Above all, mom

“I will not necessarily go anyway?”

In a word, unyielding personality is
bright red in Burning,

 I think so, and I think now, not believe
To demonstrate the ability to take action
somehow to the United States
I was able to study abroad.

 I at that time, was really hard.

“Study in the USA”

 Initially I decided to get away from dad
I was studying in the United States,
Emergency, when it comes to go to the United States
Heart excited!

 I mean, that to study to American University
You will feel that was a very great man?

 Also neighbors, I “Oh ~, I’m great -”
Everyone is impressed, praised those who.

 If you decide to study abroad,
suddenly followed by concentration,
Also contains the nature and force
on the part-time job,Where the very,
just a good thing.

 Performance of schools in school year
to within 30 place Come quickly back
After all, comeback to No. 1 in three years
the second semester.
Thanks, and get the recommendation of
the famous Women’s Junior College.


 ”Than go to such far impossible to is
There is absolutely good idea to go to
the University of Japan! ”

 It had said in considerable momentum.

In I was surprised Dad

“I ~, or America!
After all, I and is now not a cosmopolitan! ”

 Overall backup while saying I
To me.

 When I think now, it is better in the
United States studying abroad
I think that it was because cool.
I because dad likes flashy.

 After all, the decision to go to
an American university,
Get in touch with the study abroad program,
Rent a minute with insufficient travel expenses
to dad In the United States of Idaho after one year
Life began.

 Then, later married to “Asahi”
But you know what? I come across.

written by Yuki Clear

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