P6 "The Story of Saki"

P6 “The Story of Saki”

 When we got off the plane for the United States
The first impression is a feeling of opening.

 Anyway, it is continued until the blue sky where
In dry air, it was washed away to the heart.

 Schools and parents of when I was in Japan,
Among other things, it is how to contact,
such as the monitoring of dad
It feels like a far distant events,
From now on, you can do anything!

 Feel so, atmosphere was drifting.
Of course, I hope after graduating from college
in the United States As it is a job in
the American company.

 And, he married an American.
I got a green card, be permanent.
Distinct but intention was not,
In yourself, and somehow become so
I was convinced.

 Friends of the face that came together from Japan,
Everyone is full of hope, a so nice
Made study also leave me alone if the place,
Not you put the university easy?
That seems to feel like it has been found immediately.

 It is, I agree with him.
Really have free full, of their hope
The back I “Pong!” In order to advance the life
To someone could press atmosphere, nature and face
It became a smile.

 At that time, of their own when I was in Japan
Looking back on the feelings,

“Never to return to Japan!”

 So, I vowed firmly in mind.

written by Yuki Clear

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