P7 "The Story of Saki"

P7 “The Story of Saki”

In the United States in the study abroad program,

So, What is study abroad program?
But that it, once said simply,

“College Student Pack Tour”

So, the same as the general of overseas travel, limit what people
I, soliciting seekers, along with its people,
Grave overseas travel, things to study abroad.

“I want to study abroad, the right also do not know the left.”

On the contrary, “What is your passport?”
Even in person,

“Yes, people who want to go to this school of overseas,
Our company is will you get ready from the passport! ”

In feeling, you have to pay even money,
Alone after prepare their luggage,
Even if the person is nothing, after two to three months,
Why it would receive tuition at the American school.

Of course, English is not required.
Even school entrance permit (I-20), Even F-1 visa,
All, to travel company us to take,
For Japanese who do not understand English,
Until school starts, Japanese is understood
There was also the place that attach local coordinator?

Of such overwhelming,
To participate in the study tour program,
College student summer vacation short-term study tour of
We Are there are many.

However, this in even a place to say that,
After all because it rubbed many participants,
there is no relationship If you have free to the tour in travelers,
In the same tour participant handling, application group discount
Has been airfare is comprised of fairly cheap.

What it, probably delicious?
Bad place to contrary, around the seat
Anyway, only the Japanese.

Moreover, much almost one and a half months
In the short-term foreign students, in graduation trip mood,
Joint party state!

They are to noisy, seems unwilling to study.

But, I like a poor students,
Since airfare is high, around you,
Even if very noisy college students,
it’s no use. It’ll not be in place in the money.

I intend to study hard in the long term
Because it was, a little bit away from such people,
Quietly, I was listening to music.

And then, it struck a sudden shoulder.
that is.

I Then, I’m going to be a close friend.

written by Yuki Clear

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