P8 "The Story of Saki"

P8 “The Story of Saki”

 Her name is Yasuko.

 She is 18 years old.
After graduating from high school, I do not detour,
I came straight to the United States.

 I think, her home is in pretty rich,
Herself also honor student.

 It also, unlike me, to study normally,
Street and say parents, as the teacher,
I feel that has been much walking
on the honor student of the road.

“Did you come from?”

 It is, of Yasuko first word.

“What? Where is Kanagawa Prefecture”

 What if I answer?

“Where is Kanagawa? Yokohama?”

 I, also Yasuko has been heard.

 I mind, that’s quite brazen child?

 I thought I, feel, chubby little round face,
Because I have a face that
does not hate and wonder,Involuntarily,


 And, it was involuntarily I answer.
And then, Yasuko is,

“I’m Southern!
I, I’m like Southern! ”

Apart, but Southern likes,
Just because it Chigasaki,
I Southern does not mean I all?

But, I think in such a wind,
I’m sure, I’m not familiar with
that of Chigasaki?
I thought.

“So, did you come from?”

To hear me,
I noticed that her name is not known.

“What is your name?”

When I hear,

“Oh, my name is Yasuko, nice to meet you.”

So, it is had later always together
For the first time of the conversation
with Yasuko to become best friends.

written by Yuki Clear

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