P9 "The Story of Saki"

P9 “The Story of Saki”

 Then, it was much talk and Yasuko.

 Her appearance is not quite chubby,
So I do not look, she is still a young lady.
Dad is a president of the company, considerable rich.

 But, with weak body from a young age, from home
Even I had never left.

 Instead, from a small time, various
And the lessons, which can also be decent
Made way, was the pride of the daughter
of your parents1 like.

 Yet, suddenly this time,

“I want to go to America!”

 Because mon was saying, is your parents surprised!

 Wow, Dad to anger, mom
I am crying, Even I became fuss.

 Your parents, childhood, Yasuko body was weak
It is worried about the, until Yasuko to marry, parents
What I had never thought away from.

 if you can,
“This remains, let us all the way on hand.”
Much I thought I.

 It is suddenly,
“Study in the USA”
Because mon said he Nante,
Well, you get angry also might naturally?

 Well, it either was why come?
 It is what, she has
Parents decided fiance outside on,
That, Even I fiancee told me to persuade!

 What bride elect, any age?
But, I did a little envied.

written by Yuki Clear

Of the beholder from the first page, P1 link

|This story is a fiction.|
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